Corporate Governance


Our commitment to act with integrity, honesty, and responsibility towards our people, the community, and our environment is central to everything we do.

CMT is thoroughly committed to sustainable, ethical and responsible conduct. To achieve this vision, we uphold the highest standards of safety for our personnel, continuously strive to mitigate climate change and optimize environmental regulations and compliance mandates, while giving back to our community with sustainable development. Moving forward, we will demonstrate the values we prioritize by putting our people and community and the heart of our company while committing to reducing emissions in all aspects of our operations.

Our Environment

In our industry, the major environmental factor at hand is the consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels that serve as a key player in the degradation of our environment. CMT prioritizes the continuous adoption of technologies, upgrades, and policies that protect the environment by reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, such as in the use of low sulfite fuels. We also ensure we are fully compliant with all relevant international and domestic regulations in the areas of pollution prevention, recycling, and emissions control while monitoring and enhancing operational efficiency and design concepts for next generation bulk carriers and tractors.

Our People

Our employees, partners, and all relevant stakeholders are our utmost priority. We employ meticulous guidelines, procedures and precautionary measures, as well as mandate that all our employees go through extensive employee training programs to ensure the safety of our personnel at all times.

Our Business

Everything we do first originates from the understanding of the challenges, needs, and goals of our partners, employees, and suppliers. We continuously innovate and expand our services so that in changing times, we can meet the changing needs of businesses and stakeholders.

Our Community

Our business would not be able to thrive without the support of our communities. We give back by committing to conduct our business in a fair, ethical, and responsible manner, driving international trade and enabling sustainable supply chains while continuing to ensure the integration of social, economic, and environmental dimensions in all our business activities in Taiwan and around the globe.

CSR Information

CMT is committed to pursuing operational excellence and sustainability under highest ethical standards. In addition to enhance Shareholders’ return and value, the Board of Directors oversees company’s direction and policies to fulfill duties as a corporate citizen to discover, manage, and expand our responsibility to protect the society and environment.

Within the corporate governance framework, major internal rules and procedures are in place to identify and manage risks in the areas of, including but not limiting to lending funds, endorsements and guarantees, asset acquisition or disposal, internal audit, and code of conducts.

The Compensation Committee is appointed by the BOD to review, administer and evaluate the compensation philosophy, policies, and plans for directors, supervisors, and executives. There is regular communication between independent directors, internal auditors, and CPAs.

Corporate Governance
The Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility
Ethical Management
Human Rights Actions
Social participation

We take a proactive approach on Corporation Social Responsibility (CSR) to ensure accountability and results of key CSR areas. The company has adopted policies to assess and monitor a spectrum of activities as listed below in order to ensure stakeholders are precisely informed and trained to tackle new challenges while effectively reinforce the initiatives to protect the environment and society through proper governance.

Risk Management Policy
The Implementation of Risk Management Policy
Intellectual Properties Policy
The Implementation of Supplier Management Policy
Environmental Protection Policy


As an integrated transportation and logistics provider, environmental protection has always been our principal focus. In addition to complying with international and domestic regulations in the areas of pollution prevention, recycling, and emission control, CMT is also actively involved in monitoring and enhancing operational efficiency and design concepts of next generation bulk carriers and tractors.

Going forward, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint so that going green is not just a slogan but a perpetual dedication to reduce emissions through technology and people.


Whether at sea or on the road, our success predicated on the safety of our ships, trucks and other equipment. CMT has established stringent guidelines and standard operating procedures in accordance with relevant conventions, Class Societies, and governing authorities to safeguard the environment, cargo interests, and our frontline team members.


We strive to improve our efficiency and the ongoing development of information technology within CMT is a priority in optimizing real-time communication with our ships at sea and trucks. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies for maritime and logistics that grant real time data access and analysis, we are able to impose top standards of operational safety and efficiency Whether it’s a platform to access global weather for routing or a GPS system that tracks every truck, we build our success on the commitment to enhance seamless data collection and information exchange.


Marine Environment

  • Comply with international conventions and regional regulations
  • Align with industrial activities to protect the environment

Fleet Sustainability

  • Promote seafarers’ mental/ physical health and welfare
  • Ensure HSE (Health and Safety/ Security/Environment) to meet commercial requirements

Efficiency Management

  • Build and retrofit ships with efficient design
  • Optimize voyage planning with best practice of M&R onboard

Emission Control and Reduction

  • Use regulatory compliant fuels
  • Evaluate novel technology to apply on ships toward zero emission

Smart Ship

  • Build next generation eco-ships
  • Apply new technology of digitalization and de-carbonization for ship operation and energy efficiency management


Emission Reduction

Sixth-generation, regulatory compliant tractor

Safety Awareness

Internal/external training and workshops to prioritize safety

GPS and Dispatching

Improve efficiency by tracking trucks’ location and estimated time of arrival

Instant Tracking

Customers access to trace containers and billing


Authorized Economic Operator

Certified by government’s Customs Agency for its excellent performance in safety and import/export supply chain

Latest Energy Saving Forklifts

Safety Training

Instant Tracking

Customers access to trace movements of containers


Energy Saving Devices

Recycling Guidelines

Occupational Safety and Health Team

Corporate Governance Information

Board of Directors

Directors’ Biographies
Major Resolutions of Board Meetings
Election of Independent Directors
Board Diversity
Succession Plan for Board Members and Executive Team


Status of Communication

Major Internal Policies

Article of Incorporation
Rules and Procedures of Board of Directors Meeting
Rules and Procedures of Shareholders Meeting
Rules for Election of Directors
Procedures for Lending Funds to Other Parties
Procedures for Endorsement and Guarantee
Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of Assets
Procedures for Handling Material Inside Information
Compensation Committee Charter
The Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles
Code of Conduct
Directions for the Code of Conduct
Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles
Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles
Procedures for Halt and Resumption Applications
Regulations Governing the Evaluation of the Board Performance
Audit Committee Charter

Internal Audit

Internal Audit

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

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